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avatar for Shrikumar Hariharasubrahmanian

Shrikumar Hariharasubrahmanian

Oracle Labs
Lead Researcher
Shrikumar is a lead researcher at Oracle Labs. His main research interests lie in the interplay between hardware, software, OS and cross-system integration, with a focus on improving the efficiencies of high performance communication using an approach guided by the principle of "De-Layering".
Applying this principle to analytics and data, the most recent result of this research demonstrates Enterprise enhancements to Parquet. This adds redaction and serverless fine-grained access control to Parquet, both of which are delivered with backward compatibility and without any increase in storage footprint.  Another enhanacement accelerates Schema-On-Read queries on row-oriented text data to make it almost as fast as Schema-on-Write queries on columnar files. Finally, these two are combined into the same single Parquet file, thereby further reducing both file count and disk footprint by a factor of 3x or more.
Prior to Oracle, Shrikumar was a Co-Founder and CTO of Ipsil Inc (Cambridge, MA), which delivered TCP offload engines for iSCSI, RDMA and MPI applications at 10-40Gbps. He has also held research positions at the MIT Media Lab, where his research interest included Internet scaled up to the trillions of nodes, by de-layering distributed computation over ad-hoc networks of "Things That Think". He has an M.S and Ph.D in Computer Science, from University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He obtained his BE(Hons) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from BITS, Pilani, India.